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Advantages of FICS

Simply The Most Featured Rich Learning Management System

Learn to Lead a Brilliant Life

FICS offers a wide array of courses on various disciplines developed and delivered through systematically managed Education partners. Allotment of courses is based on the requirement and the required infrastructural facilities of the centers. Excellent Courses designed by experts to suit the comprehensive ability of students focusing on the overall development of soft skill and personality at their own pace. FICS helps students develop a multi-dimensional and multi-level perspective of the world around them to take the right choice at the right time.

Feel the joy of Knowledge Building

FICS learning programme facilitates an online platform for discussions and doubt clarification, in short, creation of a pool of information. Participating students and institutions are free to enter the programme and to be part of the programme of knowledge building. It is more encouraging and interesting than mere learning by reading. FICS makes learning an active and lively process. This system boost the knowledge of students through wide dissemination and acceptance of information.

Own the prestigious Certificates & Membership

Lend authenticity to your expertise with an internationally recognized certification and empower yourself through a prestigious course certificate from a credible UK Learning Certification center. Add the capabilities of leadership, authorship, confidence for interviews and public speaking to your personality package. FICS membership links you with the latest industry information and update yourself with industry news, and tips and trends through specialized e- newsletters of FICS.

Two way Assessment for assured credibility

FICS follows globally approved two way assessment system in the form of online assessment and internal/center assessment. We have introduced specific types of e-assessment which include multiple choice online/electronic submission, computerized adoptive testing and computerized classification testing. Internal assessment will be held at the center of study of students.

Achieve a Dream Career

FICS mainly focuses on management and proctor career. We promote the thrill of challenging and achieving mood for career accomplishment. There are so many courses which covers job oriented/industry oriented subjects to elevate students to covetous posts. FICS ensures professional Excellency through personalization of learning.

Online Exams - Convenient and Comfortable

FICS Exams are the most student- friendly and reassuring. Choose the test, click start and start answering the multiple choice questions. Instant results and opportunity to rewrite the wrong answers, ofcourse, with in the stipulated time are the attractive aspects of the exams along with ready accessibility to correct answers and solutions. Online system ensures hassle free exams in a comfortable atmosphere. The exam system inculcates a winning mood in students.

We believe that the academic courses should bear social relevance and our courses are designed to impart in- depth knowledge

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FICS - Forum for international certified scholars